You’re welcomed to take your own photos.  A team of professional photographers affiliated with Cameragraphics also will be taking photos the entire evening.  Photos will be uploaded to the Cameragraphics link on our website no later than Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 6pm.  Photos can be downloaded for free. A photography release is included in our required waiver.

Buddy - Special Request

If you have an existing relationship with a buddy and you BOTH prefer to be matched together for Shine Prom, please put their name on registration form by adding it in the specific buddy section. We will attempt to accommodate all buddy requests.  Buddies MUST register themselves separately and they MUST put guest name on their registration form so they can be matched.  Please make sure your buddy knows that they also MUST attend one REQUIRED training session (even if they're a family member, close friend or know guest very well.) If they don't attend a session, they will NOT be allowed to be a buddy and will be switched to the red carpet welcome team - unless they live out of the area and make special arrangements prior to training sessions.  Dates and details on training are on volunteer page.  

Caregiver Attendance

In order to accommodate as many guests as possible, it’s preferred that no more than 2 caregivers per guest attend Shine Prom. Caregivers are welcome to stay and enjoy the evening or drop off/pick up as noted on your registration.

Wheelchairs/Walkers/Other Equipment

If guest uses a wheelchair, walker or other equipment that requires extra time to unload, please be on the lookout for a special parking area which will be clearly marked. If guest is unable to safely access the limo, a wheelchair-accessible van will be available for a ride to the red-carpet entrance.  Van will pick up guest and caregiver (if needed) at the check-in tent.

Respite Room

A respite room for parents/caregivers to enjoy will be available. If preferred, Shine Prom can be viewed from the track above the gymnasium.

If you would like to receive notifications and alerts please signup with our account linked below.


Experienced teachers who are certified in special-needs care and highly-trained registered nurses will be available. For the safety of our guests, caregivers, and volunteers, members of the Opelika Police Department will be in attendance. Before entering or leaving, all guests must be cleared through our computer system.

For ladies and men, Gabrielle’s Formals & Events in Opelika is offering  discounted dresses, accessories and tuxedo rentals for Shine Prom guests.  Stop by anytime during their normal hours:

Girl with downs syndrome being crowned prom queen

Limo/Van Rides & Parking

Guests will be dropped off at the check-in tent and will take a brief limo ride around the back of the SportsPlex to the red-carpet entrance at the front of the SportsPlex.  

After parking vehicle, caregivers can meet their guest at the entrance or inside the gymnasium.

Free limo rides are intended for guests only.  However, if guest feels more comfortable with their caregiver staying with them, one caregiver can join their guest for the limo ride.  

After caregiver parks their vehicle, they can meet their guest at the entrance or inside the gymnasium.

The Mint Julep

Guest/Caregiver Liaison

If you have additional questions, please contact our Shine Prom Guest/Caregiver Liaison.

Sharon Henderson
(334) 559-2360

Changes to Registration Form

If you already submitted a registration form but need to update your information (such as Buddy Special Request, phone number, or email for event updates) please send us an email at

In your email, please include the name of the guest and the necessary changes.

Get Reminders via


The Mint Julep (located in the front of the Auburn Mall, 1627 Opelika Road, Unit 30, Auburn)  is graciously hosting 2 private shopping events exclusive for Shine Prom guests.  Guests can "shop" for one FREE dress each and they can keep their dress.  We plan to have a variety of sizes, lengths and styles to choose from but we can't guarantee we will have a dress that fits the size or preference of every guest.   Guests are welcome to get their dress altered, if needed, but alterations are at your own expense.

Girl in an electric wheelchair going down the red carpet and smiling at the camera

Shine Prom is a special night for our honored guests to shine!   During this amazing FREE event, guests receive red carpet treatment including a limousine ride,a paparazzi welcome, hair/makeup session, corsage/boutonniere, photo booths, food and more!  DJ Ozz will entertain guests and volunteers with fun music to dance the night away!

​If you are interested in joining us for this wonderful event, please read the information closely before clicking 'REGISTER HERE' on the bottom of the page on the right side.


We anticipate that we’ll have a waiting list due to the amazing response we’ve had from our community.  If your guest is unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can accommodate more guests.

Shine Prom 2020
To be determined

Link will be added 60 days prior to Shine Prom 2020
Date to be announced soon


Dress comfortably!  From glitzy and glamorous dresses to pants, skirts, jeans or tuxedos, guests and volunteers are welcome to wear whatever is the most comfortable to them.


Unless noted on your registration that a buddy is not preferred, a buddy will meet each guest at the red-carpet entrance and will remain with their assigned guest for the duration of the event. Buddies will serve drinks/snacks, dance and interact with their guest to ensure they’re having a wonderful experience. Guests and buddies will receive a name tag which should be worn for the duration of the event.

Male guest walking down the red carpet in a crown and high-fiving the crowd as he walks
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Shine, a prom for teenagers and adults with special needs

Quiet Room

We’re aware some guests might be uncomfortable with costumed mascots, moderate to loud music, strobe lights, balloons, camera flashes or large crowds which will be a part of the Shine Prom experience. A “quiet room” with calming activities will be available for guests. Please bring noise-cancelling headsets or anything that will help your guest(s) feel more comfortable.


Check-in begins at  6:00 pm.  Please don’t arrive before 5:45 pm.

A separate parking area will be clearly marked for those who need additional time to unload.  

Check-in, limo/van rides and red-carpet entrance activities end at 7:00 pm.  

Shine Prom ends at  9:00 pm.